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Readers Digest - My Britain, Snowdonia

Snowdonia Landscape
My Britain My Snowdonia

Snowdonia, or Eryri in Welsh, became Wales’ first national park in 1951. It’s not hard to see why— with rugged mountains, crashing waterfalls and waterlogged peatlands, it has it all. Time in Snowdonia is easily whiled away exploring its peaks and valleys. Its crown jewel is Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales and the highest point in the UK outside of the Scottish Highlands. The mountain has a sense of myth and magic to it: its Welsh name, Yr Wyddfa, is rooted in the legend of the giant Rhita, defeated and buried on the mountain by Arthur himself. Equally as unforgettable as the scenery are Snowdonia’s friendly and welcoming residents. We spoke to some locals about life in this beautiful area, where breathtaking nature abounds and the Welsh language lives vividly on.

Wild horses in Snowdonia
Wild horses in Snowdonia


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